Hiujärvi nature trail

Hiujärvi nature trail

Hiunjärvi is a lake located just north of the Uusikaupunki town centre. Despite its proximity to the centre, the area has remained relatively sparsely populated. The lake is around 12 hectares, and around a third of its surface area is covered by thick vegetation.

Hiunjärvi is a popular spot for birdwatching. There is also a nature trail around the lake. Along the trail you can find a lean-to and a bird watching tower.

You can access the trail near the pedestrian underpass by the Saarnisto school or at the end of Juolukkatie or Otavakuja. The distance from the underpass to the lean-to is about 1 km. The longest route around the trail from the underpass is 3.8 km, and a shorter one is 3.2 km.

The distance from the Juolukkatie entrance to the lean-to is 0.7 km. The longest route around the trail from Juolukkatie is 3.6 km, and a shorter one is 1.4 km. From Otavakuja, the shortest route to the lean-to is 1.4 km.

The trail is marked using orange diamond symbols as well as by maps located at the starting points and at crossroads.



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