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Whether you are looking for enjoyable city culture, shopping opportunities, a wide range of activities, or a beautiful seaside and the peace of the archipelago, not to worry – you can find all of this in Uusikaupunki. And best of all – all attractions and services are located within a short distance from each other.

A wide range of events

The summer season starts on May 18–19 with the Minifarm & Flower Fair event. Merefesti is held on June 7–9. On the Saturday during the festival, you have a choice of two sports events: The Kesäkuun Kutonen run for women and the City Hero Challenge adventure for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Friends of art and antiquities will find their way to the Nopperla Antique Fair on July13–14. Finnish top artists will be performing at Karjurock on July 18–20. This year the International Crusell Music Festival, which is held from July 27 to August 3, will take you to a world of fantasy. Tul toril themed market events are organised on summer Saturdays, and the evening markets of Pakkahuone on summer Wednesdays are a must see. Myllymuori’s adventure trips for children will be dwelling into the Case of the disappearing shoes. In July, you can take advantage of guided walking tours in the town centre, and wooden houses and their gardens will be open for visitors on September 7–8.

The theme of main exhibition of the historical Wahlberg’s house museum is children and childhood memories from Uusikaupunki at the beginning of the 20th century. At the Automobile Museum there is plenty to see in three large exhibition halls. At the Bonk museum, you will be introduced to exceptional inventions and defunctioned machinery. Art House Pilvilinna is artist Raija Nokkala and her husband Pentti Nokkala’s colourful and memorable naivistic art house on the seaside. The attractions and events also have something for the children. More information on events can be found on pages 46-49.

Be charmed by the sea and the archipelago

The beautifully renovated Kaupunginlahti bayside with its boulevards and lighting calls visitors to the seaside. There you will also find the most popular summer meeting place, the Pakkahuone guest harbour. You can also enjoy the waves and the sun by joining one of several themed cruises on offer. The galley Olga sails to the Katanpää fort island, and children can enjoy fun pirate cruises. On the atmospheric M/S Kerttu, you can choose between cruises to the Isokari lighthouse as well as birdwatching trips, seal safaris, Friday cruises, or the super-popular Thursday quizzes. Get to know the history of the surrounding archipelago on the Three straits cruise on Tiftö V. Gaze at the moon on Tiftö’s moonlight cruises, or relax on sauna cruises. The Velhovesi ring route is a route of bridges across the island that takes to the midst of the most beautiful archipelago without having to bother about boats or ferry timetables. 

Below you can find the TOP 3 lists of the best things about Uusikaupunki written by someone who has moved here from rather a distance as well as someone who was born and raised in Uusikaupunki.


Mentalist Pete Poskiparta is a familiar face from various TV and radio programs as well as his own tour.

Pete’s interest in magic tricks and the circus was sparked when he was 10 years old. The Uusikaupunki library had some books that got him started. This year marks the 30th anniversary of his first gig. That particular performance was at the newly finished cultural centre Cruselli. It lasted 5 minutes, and he was paid 50 marks for it. Not bad for 5 minutes. Since then Pete has toured around Finland and the world, performing in places like Las Vegas and London.

  1. Lepäinen / fresh-water basin. A beautiful area that's easy to reach by bike and by car. It’s a peculiar sight, when on one bank you have the salty waves of the sea and on the other the water is fresh. The best swimming spots of the area can also be found here. As a child Pete was more than familiar with the so-called “jumping rocks”. At the far end of Lepäinen, you can stop for a moment to breath in the fresh sea air and admire the surrounding nature in the evening sun.
  2. Kaupunginlahti bayside. The whole area of the bayside is amazing. You can find plenty of great restaurants and cafés to stop at along the shore. Especially during the summer, when the bay is filled with moored boats, the bayside exudes freedom, tranquillity, and holiday spirit. 
  3. Myllymäki. The park with old windmills and an old water tower is a nice place for a walk, and in the wintertime, there are some great hillsides for sledging. Walking around or through the park with its historic windmills is a more than relaxing experience.




American-born Granger Simmons moved to Uusikaupunki six years ago from Rhode Island, where he has met Odetta, who was born in Uusikaupunki.

The couple got married and started a family. Odetta’s father, too, had once moved to Finland from the United States through his basketball career, and so the family moved to Uusikaupunki to be near Odetta’s parents. Granger and Odetta have three sons.

In his work as a mentor for new inhabitants, Granger helps people who have moved here from elsewhere to settle in to their new hometown. He also edits a monthly news spread in English for a local newspaper. Granger teaches English at Vakka-opisto adult education centre and leads a gospel choir. As a professional in the restaurant trade, he also operates a restaurant consulting business.

  1. The Hakametsän residential area. Hakametsä was the first neighbourhood the family moved into in Uusikaupunki, and they were positively surprised by the peacefulness, quietness and tolerance of the area. The neighbourhood is home to many different nationalities, which reminded Granger of his former home region. – Hakametsä is like a small town of its own, with all of its services, like a supermarket, school, daycare, and a popular hamburger kiosk. The area is close to nature, but Granger doesn't dare go to the woods alone – too dangerous for a city boy, he laughs.
  2. Kaupunginlahti bayside boulevard. The sea, boats, restaurants, and a bridge, together with beautiful scenery, are an unbeatable combination that Granger loves to return to. You can sit down by the bay to relax, and you can even do some fishing by the bridge. On a sunny day you can see a lot of smiling faces, says Granger, who himself is always in a good mood.
  3. The Pentecostal Church. A safe haven, where Granger found his own place. Granger has always been active in the church, and in the United States he also acted as a pastor in his congregation. In addition to religion, music also plays an important role in Granger’s life. Many people in the congregation have some connection to the music business, and most of them speak good English, so it was easy to feel at home.