Get familiar with Uusikaupunki

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Charming Uusikaupunki

The beautiful seaside town of Uusikaupunki has a southern European feel to it. The charming old wooden houses, interesting sights, the wide range of activities, excellent cafés and restaurants, as well as the amazing sea and nature attractions are sure to make your visit a memorable one.

Wooden house enthusiast’s dream

The perfect place to start your visit to this beautiful seaside town is by the Kaupunginlahti bay, where a series of story boards and seaside ponderings embedded into walls and paving stones create a kind of outdoor museum. The 19th century storehouses along the bayside were originally used for storing salt, but now they house excellent restaurants and terrace bars.

Uusikaupunki is home to one of the most extensive and best-preserved Empire style wooden house districts in Finland. Six hundred wooden houses in more than forty blocks will make you wish you could peek inside. And you can by attending the Old Houses of Uusikaupunki event on 3–4 September. You can already see some of the gardens during the guided walking tours in the summer. During the guided tours, you can experience many stories about Uusikaupunki. In addition to garden walks, there are various other guided walks with themes such as the Treaty of Nystad, Stories by the Bay, the Seven Great Fires, and a character tour led by Sanni Winter. The Petäjämäki-themed “detective walks” are hosted by the author of the Petäjämäki books, Rake Tähtinen. You can also experience the history of the town on your own using our mobile apps.

Plenty to see in a new town

The beautifully painted Art House Pilvilinna with its cottage, art trail, and rose garden is a captivating experience. Wahlberg’s museum house provides a glimpse into the life of a merchant family during the golden age of the town’s seafaring history.  The museum’s exhibition takes you to the dark side of the town to show you what went on after sundown. For more maritime history, you can also visit the Naval Pilot Museum and the Sailor’s Home Museum.

The Automobile Museum has three exhibition halls full of wonders for car fans of all ages. In addition to a wide range of vehicles, you can visit some unique miniature worlds. The title of the most peculiar museum in town goes to the Bonk Museum, which exhibits a range of out-of-this-world inventions and defunctioned machines. In the children’s Innovatorium workshop, younger visitors can design their own Bonk devices.

The Minifarm & Flower Fair offers solutions for building, renovating, gardening, and outdoor living areas. The evening market events at the Pakkahuone guest harbour and the themed Tul toril market events are a must see for any visitor. On Myllymuori’s children’s adventures in July, Myllytonttu attempts a trip to space. The Crusell Music Festival on 23–30 July takes listeners back to the swinging 1920s.

You can read more about the natural attractions and various activities on offer from sections Sea and nature and Relax and refresh.


Below you can find the TOP 3 lists of the best things about Uusikaupunki written by someone who has moved here as well as someone who has moved back to Uusikaupunki after living elsewhere for a while.

Weekend visitor turned happy permanent resident

Mikko Rantanen first got to know Uusikaupunki during weekend trips and liked it so much that he decided to move here.

“I fell in love with the view of the sea and the lively atmosphere. Walking around the beautiful wooden house district and dining in the bayside restaurants were truly memorable experiences. Returning to my home in Turku always felt like I was leaving home instead.”

Mikko has worked in theatres all his life. He believes performance art to be a great tool for experiencing the world in new ways. Uusikaupunki offers many fruitful opportunities for cultural projects.

“Although I’m still finding my footing in this new home, other locals who work in cultural projects have shown refreshing positivity towards me. I’m slowly getting to know everyone, and I’m approaching the new opportunities with an open mind. I want to visit all the theatres and museums in the area, so there’s still a lot to see”, Mikko says.

1. Kirkkokadun Amanda ja Olga was always a welcoming place to stay during my visits here. The beautiful wooden house gave me a comfortable setting to work on my ideas for the theatre and to have the occasional nap.

2. I’ve had many a delicious meal on the terrace of Restaurant Captain’s Makasiini. The service is great and the food is excellent. I plan to take my friends there, too.

3. I went to the Kuvala cinema to see a film about the life of Tove Jansson. The intimate nature of the film was a perfect fit for the historic building of the cinema. It’s great to know such places still exist.


Successful ice hockey player enjoys life in Pyhämaa

Kari Takko, who is known for his prodigious career in ice hockey, currently lives in his summer cottage in Pyhämaa. He and his wife Kirsi bought the cottage already in 1989, and they have spent a lot of their holidays there. This year, the couple moved there permanently, thus returning to the town where Kari was born. The Takko family moved to Pori when Kari was still a child, but Uusikaupunki has always had a place in his heart. “Growing up, I spent nearly every summer and Christmas here with my grandparents, either at their cottage in Pirkholma or their home on Pohjoistullinkatu”, Kari explains.

During his career, Kari played in Sweden, USA, and Canada. Since 2000, he has worked as the Director of European Scouting for NHL team Dallas Stars as well as the player coordinator for his home team Porin Ässät. Kari says that he mostly enjoys spending time in Uusikaupunki and at his cottage. “I don’t think the locals realise what a truly wonderful place Uusikaupunki is”, he says. He thinks people should be prouder of where they come from.

1. The Kaupunginlahti bayside is a wonderful area. It’s beautiful and peaceful, and there’s some delicious food on offer, too. The renovated bayside boulevard fits in nicely with the old storehouses. I’m glad that such historic buildings have been maintained in Uusikaupunki.

2. A trip to the Isokari lighthouse island was a memorable experience for me. Even just the voyage to get there is a great experience, not to mention the guided tour of the island and getting to climb to the top of the third oldest lighthouse in Finland. Amazing views!

3. If you enjoy nature, I recommend visiting the Pamprinniemi seaside nature trail in Pyhämaa. I especially enjoy the sound of the wind and the waves splashing against the rocks at the tip of the peninsula.