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The vibrant town of Uusikaupunki is home to some of the most beautiful nature in Finland, historic wooden houses and, first and foremost, plenty to see and do for all tastes.

Inspiring events

During spring and autumn, the Uusikaupunki theatre has two premieres (in Finnish); Autotehdas, which is about the local car factory, and Mannapuuroa ja mansikkaa, a musical based on the music of Neon 2. Cultural Centre Cruselli has a wide variety of shows and concerts for the spring season. Merefesti is held on June 5–6. On the Saturday, you can also take part in the women’s sports event Kesäkuun Kutonen or the e-sports event UkiStrike for young people. Fishing competition Street fishing is organised on June 7. Friends of vintage and antiquities will find their way to the Nopperla Antique Fair on June 27–28. The July starts on 4-5 with the Minifarm & Flower Fair weekend event.Top artists will be performing at Karjurock on July 16–18. The Crusell Music Festival held from July 25 to August 1 celebrates the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth with the theme “Ode to Joy”. Tul toril themed market events are organised on summer Saturdays and the market events of Pakkahuone are a must see. Myllymuori is running out of water this summer, and the children’s adventure trips will go in search of a well.

In July, you can join a guided walking tour of the town. In June, a new mobile app will be launched that will allow you to learn about the town’s history with a virtual guide.

The main exhibition at the historic Wahlberg's house showcases stories about local houses. At the Automobile Museum there is plenty to see in three exhibition halls. At the Bonk museum, you will be introduced to exceptional inventions and defunctioned machinery. Art House Pilvilinna is a fun and colourful naivistic art house by the sea. The attractions and events also have something for the children.

Enjoy the sea and the archipelago

The beautifully renovated Kaupunginlahti bayside with its piers, lighting and restaurants calls visitors to the seaside. There you will also find the most popular summer meeting place, Pakkahuone. You can also enjoy the summer by joining one of several themed cruises on offer. The galley Olga sails to the Katanpää fort island, and children can enjoy fun pirate cruises. On the atmospheric M/S Kerttu, you can choose between cruises to the Isokari lighthouse as well as seal safaris, Friday cruises, or the singalong event Allsång på Gertrud. Pier restaurant Odine will be opened on the Haidus island for the summer season. During high season, there will be transportation available to the island. The Velhovesi ring route is a route of bridges across the islands that lets you enjoy the beautiful archipelago without having to bother about boats or ferry timetables.

Below you can find the TOP 3 lists of the best things about Uusikaupunki written by someone who has moved here from elsewhere as well as someone who was born in Uusikaupunki and later returned as a summer resident.

Summer resident returning home from the world

Uusikaupunki has always been close to Anitta Koskio’s heart. She was born in Uusikaupunki and spent her childhood summers with her grandparents in the village of Hyyninen.

“We used to call it ‘mammantupa’ (granny's cottage), Anitta reminisces. “Spending my childhood there with my cousins and other family members was a pleasant experience for me. I’m glad that I still get to spend time there with my family now that we’ve returned as summer residents,” she says.

After her childhood years, Anitta has lived in Helsinki, and her work has also taken her abroad. For a few years, she also worked as a business mentor for Uusikaupunki. “My husband Rauno Sarantaus and I lived in Warsaw for years. We moved to Poland because of my work as a cultural coach for Finnish companies,” Anitta explains.

  1. Uusikaupunki, with its bayside restaurants and guest harbour, has a fresh seaside feel to it. “Nothing beats the seaside views of your home town,” Anitta sighs.
  2. The Crusell Music Festival fills the town with both Finnish and international woodwind musicians and masterclass students. The highlight of the week is the Night of the Lanterns, a picnic event where people gather on the Vallinmäki hillside for a fun night of music. “You should buy your concert tickets well in advance,” says Anitta.
  3. Geographically Uusikaupunki covers a vast area, and small villages dotting the countryside have their own selection of events throughout the summer. “We especially like the summer theatre performances in Pyhämaa.”


A new job brought Anastasiia to a new town

For Anastasiia Suni, moving from bustling Saint Petersburg to a completely unfamiliar small town was surprisingly easy. Her first reaction was to wonder at the beauty and cosiness of Uusikaupunki.

Five years ago, Anastasiia met her future husband Max in Helsinki. Their son Mark was born in Saint Petersburg, but soon after Max got a job at the Uusikaupunki car factory, and two and a half years ago the family moved under the same roof for the first time.

In Saint Petersburg, distances are long, and the days working in a big hotel could be longer still. There were people everywhere. In Uusikaupunki, everything is near and there is plenty of time. The family moved into a terrace house near the town centre, close to the sea and nature.

Anastasiia extols the kindness of the town dwellers, the lovely playgrounds, and the lively culture. It's easy to take part in events. “I follow actively on Facebook and on the website what is happening in Uusikaupunki – there is plenty to choose from”, says Anastasiia. Having taken language classes, she can already speak Finnish quite well, and she wants to learn more.

  1. One of her favourite places is the relaxing Pakkahuone on the Kaupunginlahti bayside. There are also plenty of events organised at Pakkahuone. “It’s great that children are also taken into account when events are planned,” Anastasiia adds.
  2. Anastasiia is also a frequent visitor at the library. “The friendly and helpful staff at the library are always ready to answer my tricky questions,” she says.
  3. Anastasiia also enjoys the Goodwill Cafe, which is organised by the church for immigrants. “The cafe is a great place to meet people from other cultures, and we have visited different places together. The women who organise the events are amazing,” Anastasiia says.