Pakkahuoneen edustaa ja veneitä

What to see and do


Unique Uusikaupunki

The beautiful seaside town offers unique experiences all year with its beautiful old wooden houses, interesting attractions and events, a wide range of activities, cafés and restaurants with delicious offering, and stunning sea and nature.

Wooden house enthusiast´s dream

On the beautiful bayside boulevard, you will find a kind of outdoor museum with story walls and sea-themed texts embedded in the tiles. The beautiful bayside storehouses were used to store salt in the 19th century, but now you can find restaurants with both sweet and savoury treats. The town centre offers many kinds of interesting shops, including the Uki Outlet shop open during the summer.

The Empire-style wooden house district is one of the largest and best preserved in the country.  
Six hundred wooden houses in more than forty blocks will make you wish you could peek inside. And you can by attending the Old Houses of Uusikaupunki event on 7–8 September. You can already see some of the gardens during the guided walking tours in the summer. There are also guided walking tours (in Finnish) with different themes: The Treaty of Nystad, Stories by the Bay, Seven Great Fires, Sanni Winter, and Myllymäki.

Specialties of a small town

Art House Pilvilinna with its art trail and rose garden is a wonderful experience. Wahlberg’s museum house provides a glimpse into the life of a merchant family during the golden age of the town’s seafaring history.  Maritime history is also exhibited in the Naval Pilot Museum, the Sailor’s Home Museum and the Maritime Centre. The Automobile Museum has three large exhibition halls with plenty to see for car fans of all ages. The Bonk Museum exhibits a range of out-of-this-world inventions and defunctioned machines. In the children’s Innovatorium workshop, younger visitors can design their own Bonk devices. 

The Minifarm & Flower Fair event for the whole family is held this year 10th time on 18–19 May. The evening market events at the Pakkahuone guest harbour and the Tul toril themed market events at the market square are a must see for any visitor. Myllymuori's 10th-anniversary children´s adventure trip takes you from one story to another through play and tasks. Finnish top artists will be performing at Karjurock on 18–20 July. The theme for the Crusell Music Festival on 22–28 July is “Together”.  Wooden boats and vintage vehicles are on show at Pakkahuone and Möljä on 10 August. The end of summer, Venetian festivities, will be celebrated on 31 August. During the winter season, you can enjoy cultural experiences at the Uusikaupunki Theater and Crusell Cultural Center, as well as exhibitions in galleries. Nature and diverse recreational opportunities offer activities throughout the year. 


You can read more about sea and natural attractions and various activities on offer from sections Sea and nature and Sport and hobbies.


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