Markkinat ja Rauhanpuisto

Christmas of the Wooden town - Opening of Christmas Season and the Old Tyme market

The official opening day of Christmas in Uusikaupunki
Programmed event for the whole family – Old Tyme market and the opening of the Christmas street. Christmas music and other nice program has been organized on the market stage.

Boutiques are full of great gift ideas, and you can have delicious “kuumotus”, cup of warm winter drink at the cafés and restaurants. The Uusikaupunki Christmas lights will be switched on in the afternoon.

from 11 to  16.30 Old Tyme market
from 11  to 16.30  Christmas Land in Rauhanpuisto
** Pakkahuone and Santtioranta
from 11 to 16.30 Tupsula-exhibition & MirriRescue, Alinenkatu 24
from 11  to 14 Horseback riding in  Rauhanpuisto
** chargeable , Wasaborg´s  stable
from 11 to 15.30 Pikkukylän Puoti & Runonkulma Gallery, Ylinenkatu 38 B
** Exhibition of needle felting works
** Warm winter drink serving
from 11 to 17 Art Gallery- Horisontti, Alinenkatu 24
** Warm winter drink serving
from 11 to 17  Shops of Old Houses Sepänkatu 4
from 11 to 17 Christmas shop, Rauhankatu 8
from 12  to 16 Christmas exhibition in Wahlberg’s house museum
** Free entrance, Ylinenkatu 11
from 12  to 16 Christmas decorations  recycling and exchange point
** Recycling centre, Liljalaaksonkatu 10
from 13 to 14 , The road to the Treaty of Uusikaupunki, guided walking tour
** chargeable

Marketplace Stage program
at 11 Mrs. Claus´s Playtime to the children
at 12 Musiikkitupa playschool performance
at 13 Star Boys musical performance
at 14 Musical performance by Ukrainians from Laitila
at 16 Proclamation of Little Christmas Peace
** Helmi Rantanen, Masi Pietikäinen, Silja Santaniemi, Youth Council of Uusikaupunki high school
at 16.10 Christmas Street opening , Market Place,  Alinenkatu
** Opening speech of The Christmas Street, chairman of the Uudenkaupungin Yrittäjät association   
Erkka Jäsperlä
** Switching on the Christmas lights
** Santa and Mrs. Claus ride on horse to the market square
** Sharing Sweets
at 16.20 Lauri Ketonen 

Cultural Centre Cruselli
at 18  Wooden Town Christmas Concert
Actor and singer Lauri Ketonen & The Stonewalls Band
Tickets 20,50 €
Cultural Centre 050 4205 401

Changes are possible
Venue: The Market Square and  Rauhanpuisto, Uusikaupunki


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