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Uusikaupunki part of the joint section for the Finnish archipelago at Matka 2020

Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2020, the largest travel fair in Northern Europe, takes place at Messukeskus in Helsinki on January 16–19. Uusikaupunki will be attending the fair as a part of the joint section for the Finnish archipelago, sharing a stand with Kustavi and Taivassalo. The number of the stand is 6n2-6. The vast section in hall 6 also includes Turku, Naantali, Kaarina, Pargas, Kimitoön island, Salo, Rauma, Pori, and the Åland islands.

Responsible travel and contests

This year, the joint section focuses on highlighting the versatility of the Finnish archipelago as domestic travel destination, and attention is paid to responsible travel. The Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is conducting a survey about environmental work focusing on the protection of seas and lakes. A raffle with fantastic prizes will be held amongst the participants of the survey. For the whole duration of the fair, you can also take part in a contest on our stand. By connecting the right towns with the right attractions, you can win a seaside dining and accommodation package for two. There are three different packages, one each for Uusikaupunki, Kustavi, and Taivassalo.

Experience the archipelago with a smile

The joint section has a wide range of activities on offer. For the children, there is an “Experience the archipelago with a smile” themed play area complete with sandbox and toys. In the play area, you can also sit down in the enormous “giant’s chair” made by a carpenter in Uusikaupunki. This magnificent chair, crafted by Esko Kangas, is on loan from shoe shop Alina.

Myllymuori will also be entertaining younger audiences at our section on Saturday. Myllymuori’s adventure trips in July will be looking for a place for a well, when it turns out that Myllytonttu’s well is all out of water. Myllymuori, alias Kerttu Aaltonen, is joined by Timo Turunen with his tricks and juggling. Timo will also be appearing as the seagull mascot character. There is a screen in the play area that displays video introducing the seaside atmosphere and cultural attractions of the region. Uusikaupunki’s part in the video is a compilation of tourism videos filmed last summer. In the Archipelago Boutique, you can try some local products and buy delicious locally produced food products to take home with you.

Virtual guide and brand new brochure

Visit our joint stand to pick up brochures on the various travel services available in each town. The brand new Choose Uusikaupunki 2020 brochure will be available at the fair. The brochure gives an overview on the various events and sights of the town for the upcoming year, including attractions, events, archipelago destinations, sports and activities, shopping opportunities, cafés, restaurants, accommodation, and other important services.

A demo version of a new augmented reality mobile app will also be presented. The app will allow you to learn about Uusikaupunki and its history with the help of a virtual guide. The app will be finalised during the spring, and it will be available in app stores in the summer. The app is designed by Ctrl Reality Oy from Turku.

Uusikaupunki travel services will be available through the Doerz website in the future. The new travel experience shop will open just before the Travel Fair, and more services will be added during the spring: doerz.com/visituusikaupunki

On Thursday, January 16, the fair is open only for professionals in tourism. The fair will be open for the public on Friday, January 17, from 10 am to 7 pm as well as on Saturday and Sunday, January 18–19, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Join us to learn more about the interesting attractions of Uusikaupunki and the Finnish archipelago in stands 6 n 2-6!

Further information: Irmeli Laaksonen, Tourism Designer
tel. +358 440 515 209, irmeli.laaksonen@uusikaupunki.fi


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