Gordon Herbert, kuva Uudenkaupungin Sanomat

World Cup coach Gordon Herbert’s TOP 3 in Uusikaupunki

Gordon Herbert is a world-renowned Canadian-Finnish basketball coach. His latest great achievement was leading the German national basketball team to a World Cup victory last autumn. Because of this, Herbert was named the German Coach of the Year 2023 at the annual sports gala organised by the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

Herbert, who was born and raised in Penticton, Canada, moved to Finland around 40 years ago. Young Gordie was originally interested in playing ice hockey, but his basketball-playing mother got him into the sport when he was 14. From the University of Idaho basketball team he moved on to the Canadian national team, participating in both the 1984 Olympics and the 1986 World Cup.

In 1991, Gordie moved to Uusikaupunki, started a family and played in the local team which was then called Uudenkaupungin Urheilijat. Coaching has provided a fitting continuation for his long and successful career in basketball. In addition to Finland, he has coached teams in Austria, Germany, France, and Greece, and he even joined the NBA coaching team for the Toronto Raptors for one season. He has been named the Coach of the Year eight times in four different countries.

The World Cup coach enjoys spending time in Uusikaupunki, where his two sons were also born and raised. “I still have a home in Uusikaupunki and a summer cottage in the idyllic Pyhämaa”, he says. 

Below are Gordie’s favourite spots in Uusikaupunki, in addition to his home and summer cottage.

1. Padel Uusikaupunki. Padel is a great, fast-paced sport that really gets you addicted. Padel Uusikaupunki provides a great setting for playing right in the town centre, by the sea. All the services of the summer town are nearby. 
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2. Restaurant Bistro Bay. Delicious food, friendly staff and a great atmosphere! The location in the old storehouse along the beautiful bayside boulevard is also fantastic. “Although there are plenty of other excellent choices for restaurants, too”, Gordie adds.
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3. Uusikaupunki golf course. “I used to play golf here myself and I was a member of the local golf club. The course is in beautiful surroundings and offers the right amount of challenge for players of all levels”, Gordie says.

“Uusikaupunki has a unique combination of sea and nature. For a small town there are a lot of opportunities for sports and recreation. When I’m away from Uusikaupunki, I miss especially the closeness of the sea and the nature and the slow life that the town offers”, Gordie says.

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Gordon Herbert´s photo: Uudenkaupungin Sanomat, Eero Siivonen.


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