Uusikaupunki celebrates the anniversary of peace

Treaty of Nystad 300th anniversary

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Nystad. One of the most significant peace treaties in the history of Europe was signed at the Uusikaupunki marketplace on 30 August 1721.

The peace negotiations, which began in May 1721, were held between Sweden, under whose rule Finland was at the time, and Russia, who had caused devastation in the area during what was called the Greater Wrath. As the town had been devastated by the war, there was no suitable space for the negotiations. The main building of an estate in the nearby Lokalahti was moved to the Uusikaupunki marketplace to serve as the location for the peace conference.

When, at the end of lengthy negotiations, the peace treaty was finally signed at the end of August, it ended the 20-year-long Great Northern War and the Greater Wrath. The peace treaty led to significant changes in power in Northern Europe, and the Swedish Empire diminished considerably. The peace treaty signed in Uusikaupunki 300 years ago still has significance today.

Anniversary celebrations will take place throughout the year, but August is especially designated as the Month of Peace. During the last weekend of August, you can follow a re-enactment of the peace negotiations as the Caroleans visit the town.

The main events of the anniversary celebrations

From spring to autumn: Place of Peace exhibition at the museum
What was Uusikaupunki like in the early 18th century when the peace negotiations were held? Who lived here and what did the town look like? How did the Russian occupation affect the town and its inhabitants? An exhibition on the Treaty of Nystad and its impact from the perspective of the townspeople and the launch of the new Museum without Walls mobile guide.


11 August 2021: Church opera Ende und Beginn
The premiere of the church opera by composer Olli Kortekangas in the New Church. The premiere is also the opening event of the third Peace Symposium held in honour of the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Nystad.


11–14 August 2021: Peace Symposium
The Peace Symposium in Uusikaupunki is held in connection with the European Network of Places of Peace. The multidisciplinary event brings together people from the fields of demography, history, futures research, peace and conflict studies, cultural history, and linguistics, among others. The symposium is free of charge and open to the public. President Tarja Halonen acts as the guardian of the symposium.


28–29 August 2021: The Caroleans in Uusikaupunki
Local historical societies re-enact the events of the Treaty of Nystad to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the peace treaty. Come and spot the Caroleans and mademoiselles around town on the last weekend of August.


28 August 2021: Venetian Night and boat race
The traditional end-of-summer festivities in Uusikaupunki. During the day, the City of Uusikaupunki offers townspeople coffee and cake and peace-themed performances at the market square. In the evening, a costumed boat race is held to commemorate the peace treaty. The boats represent the teams of Sweden, Russia, and Peace. On the bridge, baroque costumed criers and coxswains will read a part of the peace treaty in Russian, Swedish, and Finnish.


30 August 2021: 300th anniversary celebrations and the declaration of school peace
The celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Nystad.

Tul toril -themed market events
Popular Tul toril -themed market events cheer up the Uusikaupunki town centre on summer Saturdays. The theme of the August markets is peace.

3 July 10 am - 2 pm Vacation Market
10 July 10 am - 2 pm Children´s Market
17 July 10 am - 2 pm Skills Market (Taitotori)
24 July 10 am - 2 pm Music Market
31 July 10 am – 2 pm Culture Market

7–28 August: Month of Peace themed market events from 10 am

Treaty of Nystad 300th anniversary themed events at the market square on Saturdays.

4 Sep 10 am – 2 pm  Mission Market

Further information on the anniversary celebrations and the events can be found at



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