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Uusikaupunki Theatre presents: Luulosairas (The Imaginary Invalid, in Finnish))

The Imaginary Invalid may be one of the most often performed comedies in the world, and for a good reason. The last play of Molière, the master of comedy, is full of hilarity. The world has changed and medicine has developed, but we still have hypochondriacs.

“He walks, sleeps, eats, and drinks, like other folks, but that does not hinder him from being very ill.”

Script: Molière. Direction: Jari Luolamaa

Coming this fall, the comedy "Lekaa ja leivoksia" and the musical "Teuvo ja paperitaivas”. 
Performances only in Finnish. 

Luulosairas performances:

Sat 20 January at 1 pm
Thu 1 February at 7 pm
Sat 3 February at 1 pm
Sat 10 February at 1 pm
Tue 12 Mars at 7 pm
Sat 16 Mars at 6 pm
Tue 19 Mars at 2 pm
Sat 23 Mars at 1 pm

Tickets 24 €, students 15 €, group ticket 22 € (min. 16 persons).



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Kullervontie 11 23500 Uusikaupunki


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