The Old houses of Uusikaupunki -event and other tips what to do on week 36

Uusikaupunki is known for its beautifully restored wooden houses. The Old Houses of Uusikaupunki event invites people to take a peek inside some beautifully decorated homes. The event is organised for the eighth time on Saturday and Sunday this week.

The various destinations can be browsed at one's own pace. There is plenty to see even for the whole weekend. The beautiful houses can give ideas and inspiration as well as useful information on old houses and renovation work. The houses are mostly situated within walking distance from each other.

Traditional Mission Market, Tul toril Themed market event will be held also on Saturday, Sep 7th from 9 am to 1 pm at the Market Square. Local farming and handicraft produce as well as refreshments and snacks on sale. The event raises support for missionary and humanitarian work in various countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Activities for children at the playground, free of charge. If you are new in town, come and meet us at the Goodwill cafe meeting point near the stage! The event is organized by the Lutheran Parishes of Uusikaupunki, Kalanti, Lokalahti, Pyhämaa, Pyhäranta, Laitila, Taivassalo, Vehmaa, and Kustavi, the Pentecostal Church Ruksa, and the Evangelical Free Church Lähde.

Also, other events such as live music at the restaurants, movies, museums, exhibitions and other attractions. Our Weekly list of events and other tips for spending good time in Uusikaupunki has been compiled again.

Check out the whole week´s events through this link!




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