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See detailed exhibition schedules:
Exhibition inquiries: tel. 050 420 5401/cultural office


20.4.-22.5.: Vakka-Suomi Adult Education Centre
Exhibitions of the centre’s crafts and arts courses as well as the exhibition of the arts school.

24.5.-16.6.: Pentti Peura
Beautiful and stylish nature scenes.

17.6.-10.7.: Hanna and Jari Laurikko
An exhibition by a married couple working in media and marketing, including photos and impressionist aquarelle paintings.

11.7.-2.8.: Stig Rosenlund
Stig Rosenlund, who is best known for his portraits, puts together an exhibition of beautifully detailed sea views.

3.8.-24.8.: Heli Sammalisto
Sammalisto’s most recent oil paintings and watercolour collages from the early 2000s onwards.

26.8.-16.9.: Juha Allan Ekholm
Botanical Garden – New Era installation on the modern way of life. The plants in the installation are everyday objects made from plastic of mass-produced industrial ceramics.

19.9.-18.10.: Vakka-Suomen Taideyhdistys art association
Joint exhibition.

19.10.-16.11.: Kiertorata
An exhibition of art using recycled materials, organised in co-operation with locals. If you want to participate, please contact:!

18.11.-16.12.: Säde Numminen
Abstract paintings.


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