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Pyhämaa come and fall love with Pyhämaa

Find a home in Pyhämaa!

How would you feel raising your family in an environment where

  • the children can learn in the safe and inspiring surroundings of a 130-year-old timber-framed village school, next to which is a beautiful forest, and even the sea and the beach are only 500 metres away, not to mention having a disc golf track right at your doorstep?
  • you are surrounded by clean nature?
  • the people around you are friendly and community-oriented?
  • you can admire the majestic white-tailed eagle every day?
  • passersby greet you with a smile?
  • the villagers are always ready to lend a hand if you need help or advise?
  • the sea breeze so often blows the clouds away, bringing out the sunshine?
  • local food (fish, fruit, vegetables, and game) is a self-evident part of everyday life?
  • there are two village shops and, as the locals say, if they don’t sell something, you won’t need it?
  • there is an excellent restaurant, Pyhämaan Pirtti? 
    – naturally specialised in seafood!
  • you would be able to meet forest animals every day?
  • you could go out boating, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and picking berries and mushrooms?
  • the nature would be right at your doorstep?
  • there are ten associations providing all kinds of recreational opportunities?
  • you would be surrounded by a rich history all the way to the Middle Ages and an idyllic village full of old stories?

and where

  • others would come for a holiday if you already lived there?

and which

  • would be far enough from the bustle of cities but still near enough to stop by or go out on business (Pyhämaa–Turku 90 km, Pyhämaa–Helsinki 250 km, Pyhämaa–Tampere 180 km)?

Think about it!

Why not drop out of the rat race yourself and choose a relaxing and natural way of living? Here we have helpful neighbours and plenty of communal spirit.

Welcome to Pyhämaa – we welcome both new residents and travellers with a smile!


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Pyhämaa Tourism Association

Tel. +358 40 688 2605
and +358 45 651 9941