Puutalon sisäpiha

Old wooden house district in the town centre

The wooden houses of Uusikaupunki – the largest Empire-style wooden house district in Finland

The centre of Uusikaupunki is alive with more than 600 pastel-coloured wooden houses spanning more than 40 blocks. According to the Finnish Heritage Agency, the large wooden house district in Uusikaupunki is one of the best-preserved Empire-style wooden towns in Finland – and these 19th century houses are still used as homes. You can even stay in the area at one of the wooden houses, e.g. at Amanda, Olga or Ruustinna – even the names radiate the houses’ cosy atmosphere. During the summer, the guided Wooden houses and gardens walking tours will take visitors to admire some of the beautiful gardens and enjoy a cup of coffee.

During the weekend of 3–4 September 2022, dozens of idyllic wooden homes, courtyards and gates are opened for visitors to admire. The traditional biennial Old Houses of Uusikaupunki event allows you to explore what fascinates you the most at your own pace. The event provides visitors with inspiration and information on renovation, restoration, interior design, gardening, or just old houses in general. Some locations also offer courtyard cafés and flea markets.


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