Taivassalo is an old cultural parish and the birthplace of Finnish history.

The colourful history of this seaside town has many interesting stories, from bootlegging, royalty and naval warfare to great noble families whose manor houses can still be found in the area. Other local sights include Kaitainen bridge, the Church of the Holy Cross, and the Viiainen manor museum. Taivassalo is known for its excellent fishing waters, and the town has more professional fishermen than anywhere else in the Archipelago Sea.

Come and hear some fascinating stories of seafaring and harsh life in the archipelago, of amazing hauls, shipbuilding and the navy – not to mention endless tales of love and war. In Taivassalo you can find your own place in the archipelago sun, either relaxing on the beach or in your boat looking for the best fishing spots.

The biggest event of the summer, Silakrysäys, a herring market event, is held on July 1. During the summer season, a popular ferry connection is available between Hakkenpää in Taivassalo and Teersalo in Naantali.

Don’t forget Silakrysäys herring market on July 6, 2019!



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Keskustie 9, 23310 Taivassalo

Municipality of Taivassalo