Pyhämaan uhrikirkko


All churches in Uusikaupunki are road churches. The Uusikaupunki and Pyhämaa churches are open from June 3 to August 11 Mon-Sat 11am-5pm and Sun 12pm-4pm, The Kalanti and Lokalahti churches from June 24 to August 4 Mon-Sat 11am-5pm and Sun 12pm-4pm. At other times, churches are open by appointment with the parish office, tel. +358 (0)2 840 4100.

Uusikaupunki Old Church

Alinenkatu 44. This grey granite church with its vaulted ceiling is located in the centre of Uusikaupunki. Dating from 1629, it is the city’s oldest building. Next to the church there is an ancient graveyard and soldiers’ graves.

Uusikaupunki New Church

Rauhankatu 1 c. A Gothic style church dating from 1863.

St. Olaf’s Church in Kalanti

Pyhän Olavintie 6. In the Kalanti village.
A grey granite church built in the late 14th century.

Lokalahti Church

Palomäentie 2. A wooden church from 1763 with a 16th century steeple.

Pyhämaa Old Church (“Uhrikirkko”)

Kirkontaustantie 15. In the Pyhämaa village. Unique wooden church from the early 17th century.
The ceiling and interior walls are completely covered in frescoes.

Pyhämaa New Church

Kirkontaustantie 15, Pyhämaa. A Grey granite church dating from 1804, located next to the Pyhämaa Old Church. Altarpiece by Arvid Liljelund.

Putsaari Church

A very small and idyllic wooden chapel on the island of Putsaari. The church was built probably in the early 17th century.



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