Järppilän kartano ja Ketarsalmen Kievari

Järppilä Manor and Ketarsalmen Kievari


Attractions in Taivassalo include the Järppilä Manor and Ketarsalmen Kievari. Visit the historic manor and enjoy a nice meal in Kievari afterwards. Or vice versa.

The historic Empire style Järppilä Manor was built in the 1830s, but the first manor house was already built in Taivassalo in the late 16th century. The stones from this previous manor house were used in the construction of the current manor’s cellars, which is older than the rest of the house.

The cellars were previously used as a prison, and they are home to the White Lady whose presence can be felt in the manor to this day. The Järppilä Manor is open for groups by agreement during the summer season from Tuesday to Friday.

Ketarsalmen Kievari is another local historic attraction. The granite house on the estate was built over a hundred years ago and houses a nostalgic country restaurant accessible from the Archipelago Trail. Kievari offers a daily buffet lunch, and the restaurant is available for private events.

Kievari also has an art exhibition by Eva Rossi-Kivimäki. At the estate, you can visit Motti, a wartime base and shelter, and learn about the lives of soldiers during the Finnish Continuation War.


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Järppilä Manor
Järppiläntie 64, 23210 Taivassalo
Tel. +358 500 527 365

Ketarsalmen Kievari
Hylkiläntie 45, 23310 Taivassalo
Tel. +358 2 879 200