Vanhan puutalon piharakennus

Wooden houses and gardens tours June 28-August 9, 2022

Experience beautiful old gardens

Wooden houses and gardens tours

Travellers often come across beautiful houses and inviting looking gardens.

On walking tours organised by the Uudenkaupungin Vanhat Talot ry, you get the chance to see some of these gardens up close.

Some of the owners of the gardens will also be there to answer questions about the history of the house and its garden. In other places, the tour guide will show you around the wonderful gardens. The tour also includes some delicious afternoon coffee.

The tour is about two hours long, and coffee is included in the price. 



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Wooden houses and gardens tours by Uudenkaupungin Vanhat Talot ry
28 June, 5 July, 12 July, 19 July, 9 August at 3 pm

NOTE! Check departure points and buy your tickets in advance for your chosen date: